Sunday, 11 November 2012

Shocking Documentary on Lawlessness in Johannesburg

Louis Theroux, Law and Disorder in Johannesburg 

The beginning to Part 4 of the documentary is especially shocking when a man who is a murderer, car hijacker and house robber is interviewed.

He mentions that his last robbery was in Benoni the night before where he 'took' four cars.

The interviewer asks how he got the cars.

"We take it with a gun, what can we do?"

And to hurt people?

"Ja, the people, I will show you with your last born" and by this he means a child or baby.

"Take him to shower or to hot shower" meaning that he puts the baby under boiling water.

"Or to the oven, microwave oven. I put like this to the oven" and indicates forcefully pushing a baby inside.

"Then you see I want money."

"Take your child, I put in oven and make oven on" he indicates turning the knob.

"Or I take your wife and I put a knife here" and puts a finger across his throat. Then pulls his finger across.

"Like example, then you see the blood."

"They feel f**** all, even to kill somebody" says one of the black security guards who is with the interviewer.

The end of the documentary also provides some interesting answers to the questions of the interviewer.


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