Wednesday, 8 August 2012

How ANCYL plans to shut down Cape

(Excerpts from article in the Daily Voice)

The ANC Youth League will shut down Cape Town by mobilising thousands of supporters to block the main highways in and out of the city.

Youth League leaders will cause traffic gridlock mayhem by taking over strategic parts of the N1 and N2.
Buses and taxis will also be taken off the road - meaning no one will be able to get to work on the day.

And thousands of fedup residents from Khayelitsha, Langa, Mfuleni and other townships will be mobilised for a massive march on the city.

Youth League supporters, the ANC Women’s League, Cosatu and numerous taxi associations will also take part in the unprecedented mass action.

"We will not back down or retreat from the statements we have made to make this province ungovernable.
It is those people who burn traffic lights that we want on our side on the day.

We TR Section residents have the privilege of living next to the N2 and we can take control of it easily. On that day everything has to stop - nothing will happen on the day.

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