Wednesday, 3 August 2011

ANC Youth League Military Training

The ANC Youth League and Young Communist League have since last year been receiving full-time training at several SANDF military bases across the country.

The training is government funded and currently at least 8000 black youths 18-35 years of age will receive 2 years training at a military base. No whites are included in this programme, nor any youths from any other political Youth groups.

According to the Defence and Military Veteran Minister, they aim to train about 20 000 youths a year. The first batch to receive training were 500 youths recommended by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, altogether the Department recruited 2500 to take part in the programme and has urged them “to emulate the young revolutionaries of the 1976 generation”.
“Skills development will include discipline, patriotism, life skills, rights awareness and specific skills areas empowering youth to change rural areas”
The official name for the group is the National Rural Youth Service Corps (Narysec).

In May last year 600 Narysec recruits had already received training at a military base in Bloemfontein. Their commander ordered them to paint the words 'UHURU' on white stones overlooking a busy road.
The incident needs to be viewed in context, since it occurred just days after the murder of the AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche, making the message seem even more relevant and threatening to the Afrikaners and farmers living nearby.

'Uhuru' means 'freedom' in Swahili but in South Africa the word has generally taken a different term, meaning the 'killing of all whites'. The word is associated with large-scale violence and massacres against former white colonists in African countries gaining independence in the 60's and 70's.
If you ask anyone in SA they'll know what you're referring to if you mention 'uhuru'.

The Afrikaner civil rights group Afriforum tried to give a petition to the Minister and ask for more details in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. Their request for information on the subject was rejected and called 'unnecessary' and they were told the Minister did 'not have time to answer questions' from them.
The Minister has however been quoted in the past as saying that the programme was started in order “to train the youths as rural census-takers”.

This has led Afriforum to officially launch a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act to force the Minister to give public details about the nature of these civilian military training schemes.
The reply so far from the Ministry of Defence has been that even though training takes place at military bases no military training takes place “but we teach them how to salute and parade and we show them the guns”.
They claim they do not teach the recruits to use the guns though.

The Minister also claims they are taught “a lot of skills such as electrical engineering, business management and other skills.”
Though why these skills need to be taught at a military base instead of the many specialised colleges and training campuses across the country is still a mystery.

It sounds more like a loop-hole for the ANC to use the law and public funds to militarise their followers, particularly the Youth League. 

The fact that political youth groups affiliated with the government will be receiving training at military bases is an ominous one with too many horrific parallels in modern history.

One of the most recent and most relevant would be Zimbabwe.
Their National Youth Services militia also started out with the same claims and were later used as a tool for invading white owned farms and property. But their main acts of terror were against the population in general, using murder, rape and violence to intimidate voters and punish areas which had dared support the MDC opposition party.  
The youth are always the easiest to mold ideologically and due to conditioning at such a young age have often been some of the cruelest torturers.
For example, the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia used mainly teenagers as their torturers and interrogators in the notorious Tuol Sleng torture facility.

Likewise, the Red Guards, who were mobilised by Mao Zedong in China, were mostly students and teenagers.There are many cases of these youths publicly denouncing and even torturing and killing their own parents.

Another more obvious example would be the Hitler Youth. 
They never received weapons training before the war, most of the focus was on political indoctrination and mentally preparing them for conflict and war. As well as familiarising  them with military life and procedures such as basic training, marching, unit cohesion etc.

Besides military training the most dangerous aspect is the propaganda and indoctrination, since all members will be associated with the ruling party and will have their ideology and principles drummed into their heads on a daily basis. And at the age where propaganda would have the maximum effect in shaping their minds.

The ANC claim they won't be using any weapons, only 'shown' them. Personally, I don't believe this. Why are they training at a military base in the first place for so-called 'life-skills' and 'management' training? This could be done in any school or college. 
They'll also use military style uniforms, have ranks and use military salutes.

The government must think the public are either very naive or very stupid. 
Or maybe they just don't care what anyone thinks since they have the majority in parliament, and like with all other laws they can just steam-roll whatever policies they want in place, no-matter the public reaction, especially from the opposition parties.

Either way, having civilian members from the ruling party in a one-party dominant state receive military training is never a good idea. 
At least in a so-called democracy. 

A newer Narysec article can be found here:
Narysec, the NDR and the GDR Constitution


  1. The goverment is using the whites' niaveness - for they is that for sure - for their own purpose of 'Uhuru' Althoug it is allknown to most off us that uhuru means, to be free - everyone with common cense also know what the finally message is behind the word they use for freedom. It is allknown that the blacks would not féél free before they had not killed every single boer (whites). However - although the real boervolk people knows the truth of the killings in prosperity, means not only whites on the right wing, but as well on the left, would have been killed - unfortually - the leftwingers does not see it in this way. May this uhuru perhaps come as a surprise for most of them?

    1. I am proud to be an Afrikaans speaking person in South Africa, but really, that is no excuse for bad English spelling.

    2. Really Danie, leave your opinion on the topic at hand, but this is NOT bad spelling - at least not to deserve your inappropriate comment. Spelling is not such an issue anymore - if you use bbm or text messaging you'll realise that!

      On the topic, I agree with Koos and wonder why this is now an 'all black' project. Surely there are enough white commies and uhuru sympathisers? "RACISM" is what the government and Youth League so often
      whine in public - now I'd like to whine "BLACK RACISTS"!

    3. Danie jy is mos nou baie onnodig jong. Oud Suid Afrikaners is nie so goed soos die hedendaagse mense as dit kom by engels skryf nie. Chills jou guava man. jy maak jou naam gat

    4. Dalk verstaan Danie nie waaroor die gesprek gaan nie...Dan wil hy ook maar n eiertjie lê.. word wakker pêl!!

    5. one company of paratroopers would take them out!!

    6. And where do we find this elite white platoon of paratroopers, Anonymous? Have you had a good look at the white youth of today? No backbone, identity or pride... all the effects of a cunning government, ensuring that we suffer from a helpless mindset, that no matter what we do, the black person will always get the job, the university entrance, etc..... It is time for the white race to wake up to the fact that we are staring down the barrel of extinction and initiate plans to do reverse the roles!!! Dialogue, Peace? Not going to happen I'm afraid. We need to take back our freedom and lives.

    7. Danie is worried about spelling when we are talking about a possible military threat from the ANC youth. Danie klink soos de Klerk,kortbroek en Max du Preez!

    8. Danie jy is nie welkom in die gesprek nie. En dit kom van n English speeking white South African.

      In any case it is not correct to say BAD English but Poor English is the correct wording you FOOL.

  2. South Africa has fail for what it stands for a free democracy. I know some people thought that apartheid was good or whatever but, I believe apartheid sould be left in the past time changes and so should we.

  3. and i thought we were rasist?...WHAT A FREAKN JOKE!

  4. So who is going to the Supreme Court to get an interdict against this training? It is discriminatory under the Constitution. Use the Law, my friends, use the law.

  5. Im part of South-Africa's white youth and to be much is being made of this...I believe that our Father will look after us if something like the zimbabwe insedint will take place...and The U.S of ₳ is to nosey to let something like this let it be...don't stress yourself up with something like this..

    1. US of A only "help" foreign sovereign states with mega oil reserves - thank mother earth we are not one of those.

    2. yeah I am sure God will save us just like he saved all the other christians who have been slaughtered in genocides. Wake up

    3. I certainly hope God doesn't show bias towards any one faith.

    4. Before the US of A was any form of State, they had to fight for their freedom from the English. They believed, according to the Bible that they had a right to fight against the restrictions of their freedoms and over-taxation and a couple of other issues. Some of their Battle cries were " Pray hard! Shoot Straight & keep your powder dry!" At one point in a battle near a church building, the colonial militia ran out of wadding (the rifle required a charge of powder down the barrel, then some wadding - either material or paper - then a lead ball or some lead shot, then more wadding to prevent it rolling out;this was then pushed down by a rod), the pastor of the church gave them hymn books with hymns written by Isaac Watts! Their commanding officer was heard shouting, "Give them Watts, Boys! Give them Watts!"

      God requires of Christians to read their Bibles with their brains switched on, get a grip on reality, then fight for true freedom beginning on their knees, but moving out into the world being Salt & Light, teaching obedience to the Word of God - AND IF THE SITUATION AND CONDITIONS REQUIRE IT, TO TAKE UP ARMS IN DEFENCE OF FREEDOM! This is different to a situation of persecution - that involves different rules of engagement!

  6. Ruan Gouws.I know your reading this.We are coming for you my friend.Greetings The ANC Youth league.

    1. Now which part of the youth League do you belong to? The over 40 youths? All you guys can do is threaten on a continual basis the people who handed this country back to you in goodwill. So, my friend, I don't appreciate your threats on this blog - it's in bad taste and proves a lack of logic. Think before you speak next time. Only the mafia cowards go after one person with 3 cars filled with rogues. Surely you are above that, aren't you?

    2. "Skills development will include discipline, patriotism, life skills, rights awareness and specific skills areas empowering youth to change rural areas”

      Your comment "ANC Youth League" clearly shows what type of skills are being taugh. The hatred towards whites are only becoming stronger and your heads are being brainwashed. But hey carry on.. I don't really see what you are getting out of this. Sure a white free country. Do you really think it will be better then? At least we are aware what's going on - cleary you are naïve to think once the whites are all gone thr majority of your curcumstances will get any better. Read a bit of history and see what happend when hitler did a simular thing.

    3. To the useless criminal anc youth league from a Angolan. You come from a organization that used to hide behind us in the war you are and always will be cowards, yo are the only people in Africa where a youth is nearly seen as a old man in the rest of Africa. You are lazy useless and we don't want you in the rest of Africa, you act like you have this wonderful country, the white man made the country and you are destroying it you used to be the entrance to Africa but we will be while you will have nothing. you anc youth league is only good in crime, stealing, murder and rape and selling drugs Viva Angola

  7. All ethnic groups of this, our beloved country have suffered greatly from injustices metered out to one another, some definitely more than others. We need to exercise great compassion for the plight of all our brothers and sisters, the blood of whose ancestors our great nation was built on. But at the same time we need to vigilantly guard ourselves against those interests who seek to create disunity to advance their own agendas, votes.

  8. To the reporter on this article, I beleive your interests are to create animosity, you are misleading the public. This training was never a secrete and it is not a sudden thing. When this came into matter the focus was on loitering Black youth who were ideologyless and engaging in wrongful acts. The point here was to preserve the human within by giving and enriching purposefulness of one's life. Your report has captured all negative influence and its politicising this in a wrong way. Military was a choice for a disciplinary code, not to rise agains white communities, I suggest that even reporters be taken through the same discipline so you get to understand how wars break and tear people, you are always too quick to raise the bar yet I think you are clueless about war effects, it does not matter whether you are a white person with relatives in Australia, the chance of you being trapped in it are higher, and as much as its not nice for bllack on black killings when resources suddenly gets scarce.

  9. Hoekom sit die witmense so trug ! Doen iets , maak n army van ons wit tieners en dan v*# ons hulle op ! Ons het tog meer knowlege as hulle anmyways , monkey see monkey do !

  10. There are enough white war vets in south afrika which can handle this situation quite easy with out any help ,.we don't need to prpare but get together in a click of a finger ,.and in any case y worry ,.the blacks are killing eachother by the second ,.

  11. I do believe that this is as an fail safe for that day when the ANC needs it. Who blames them. they are trying to create an SWB ( swart weerstands beweging ). I don't think that they will be stupid enough to reek havoc whilst the old war vets are still in play, too much of a risk to them. But in a strange way I agree with them by getting these youth up to date with business management skills and life skills. They don't have the chance to do so on their own, as the universities and other institutions only accept candidates with marks that look promising. Here they get a chance to become something. somehow its a bit unfair but in a way it is fair. fair being that they cant afford it and unfair because some white families cant afford it too. Well either way you look at the problem at hand, siener van rensburg said that it would come and in time the white people will re-claim their land after the black people sit in a rutt they cannot get out of. So leave it to them to f@ck it up. They are good at it. I just hope that somewhere among the less morally established poephole those brilliant minded africans will end up running this country and that they will not run it into the ground.

  12. Kaffer bly kaffer...... Monkey see, monkey do..... Nou kom nou agter my ook aan Malema aanhanger, ek skiet die kak uit jou en jou kaffer boeties.......

  13. Laat die Bobbejane aangan, en geniet terwyl hulle kan. hulle gan baie van ons dood maak, mar hulle gan in hulle bloed verdrink. YAHWE slaap nooit.

  14. Seems like whites are completely excluded from the new South Africa even though they are the majority tax payers which keeps the economy going. BEE, ANC youth Military wing groups, Scorpions kicked out because they were so close to nabbing Zuma, education system down the drain, farmers still being killed on a daily basis even though they are the ones feeding the citizens of our country. What a Freaking joke this rainbow nation has become! For every action there is a reaction.


    1. I am with you mate. They seem to have forgotten that we were highly trained, and although I am 62 years old, I haven't forgotten a thing, and it would give me great pleasure to be aiming my twin 50mm brownings at a whole lot of them again.

      In Angola, every time we got into a fight with them, they ran so hard and so fast, we couldn't catch them. Angola is littered with the boots of you brave kaffirs. The only thing you are good for, is fuck all

  16. Long live the boers !!!

  17. We as white South Africans of all culture's need to start standing together in recent publishes all we hear about is the murder of white farmers namely white males,the government pension former South African Defence Force members to receive pension funds for there duty of the orders we received, Is this a way for them to find out if we are active and to know our where a bouts, The Youth, I say let them train and please train well and if you do strike, be advised we will strike hard and deep, this is not a challenge between powers but I served my country and before God we will serve again...we are here to stay and we are not leaving, I urge all South Africans of all races to stand together because once it starts its not going to stop, Wake up South Africa we are not sleeping...

  18. I am not a South African, however I have been to SA many times on business. I have to say that on one hand I am very hopeful that the country can sort itself out, however on the other I believe it will take either a very long time or an exceptionally strong leader. The issues of Black v. White will continue for the forseeable future and is certiantly exploitated by those who are in a position to gain immensely from chaos. I would agree that SA truely needs to come together as a nation, one that could be as strong as any in the world if it could. SA is exceptionally unique in its culture and capabilties, however much of that is being squandered by endless internal squabbling and finger pointing. In the old SA blacks were certiantly discriminated against and many very bad things were done, however that said it was a seesaw effect; one group doing something to the other, then it came back, etc. Sure the ruling white party held many of the cards and extracted a much greater level of pain, however the transition from that time to this should have been a lesson that no one wants to go back. Mandela saw this and tried to heal a wounded country, however it appears that some short sighted individuals are trying to drag the country backward. Out of all of the African countries, SA should work to being the best on the continent despite its past (every country has a sorted past, but they perserver and overcome). Again, as merely a vistor to your country I can only watch from a distance and hope that smart people overcome the stupidness that seems to prevail in many cases. In the end, most people just want to live thier lifes, raise thier children and survive in an safe environment where it is possible to prosper. Good luck.

    1. thank you for the above. Its such a great pity about some of the thinking still in our country, that leads to some of the above comments.

    2. @ ANON 27/08 23:01

      Just take a look at the complexity of SA and show me another country on the planet that has to manage the following:

      The British waged war against everyone they encountered when they they arrived in the Cape and what became South Africa in 1806
      By 1902 they had conquered the 9 black tribes of SA and the two Boer Republics.
      In 1910 all of the above, plus the British plus the Coloureds plus the Indians were consolidated into a unitary state - The Union of South Africa.
      In effect they created an African Yugoslavia. We all know how long that lasted.
      During the so called "evil apartheid era - 1948 to 1990" [let us not forget the British promulgated the first segregationist laws in the Cape post 1806 and were happy for the situation to exist until they left in 1961] we endured endless criticism from the liberal west because of "white minority rule" - yet the British did nothing about it. They could have. After all they created Swaziland and Basutoland and could have easily created Zululand, Xhosaland etc.
      So what was the game plan?
      Simple. We had a minority Jewish business community [Die Geldmag] within a minority English community running the country until 1948.
      The Union was simply a big compound of endless low wage black labour to keep the mines going for the benefit of shareholders back in the UK.
      Come 1948 and the Afrikaners came to power and reclaimed their Republic in 1961.
      They then demonstrated to the world what efficient, forgiving and benevolent administrators they were.
      During Dr H F Verwoerd's tenure as PM the RSA was an economic miracle of success, prosperity and social upliftment for the black majority.
      Die Geldmag did not like what was going on at all for they no longer had a tame puppet government who would dance to the strings they pulled.
      Dr Verwoerd was assassinated and the next war against the white Afrikaner majority began under the convenient cover to end the "crime against humanity" of apartheid. This they achieved in 1990 and they installed their ANC stooges into power in 1994. The back puppets are now having to be brought to heal through incidents like the Marikana Massacre.
      In the meantime the blacks are being stoked up against the whites.
      It is divide and rule all over again - just keep the mine profits flowing at any costs.
      So that leaves conservative white nationalists [both Afrikaner and English] on their own to save themselves.
      The international cavalry is not going to ride to their rescue.
      Liberals who helped create this mess are going to have to decide which side of the fence they are going to be on. Sitting on the fence is not a good idea.
      For some peculiar reason all South Africans are expected to blend into some happy clappy Khumbaya multi racial melting pot.
      Take a look at what is happening in Europe and the USA.
      The liberal media is bending over backwards to delude anyone who is dumb enough to believe their psy-ops dross that multi-culturism, diversity and enrichment are good things and working in their countries. Read the hard news and you will find that it is not.
      Freedom does not come for free. The Voortrekkers taught us that at Vegkop, Bloukrans and Blood River.
      Like Anon 20:58 says; some of us are not as young and fit as we once were but our brains are still good.
      If this black military training is to prepare their youth to drive the Mlungu into the sea, then so be it.
      Some of us [ex parabats included] will resist with all that we have to defend and save the western civilisation we helped build.
      Some of us may have to prepare for the supreme sacrifice like innocent elderly civilian farmers are doing right now.
      The ball is in the ANC 's court. They must decide if they want to live in peace or take it to the wire and accept whatever consequences may come.

  19. Nelson Mandela's passing seems to be the key to this puzzle.....

  20. What is one to think in times like this, and then to ponder further just read from the book "Words of a Prophet" from point 6 on page 287 to point 9 on the following page. Could this happen? What if Seer Van Rensburg is right, if so are whites gonna be naive or ready to protect yourself, family and property

  21. Its a spoof...

  22. Wow, reading this sure makes one feel good about the fact that there is live, active debate going on, not just apathetic people sitting back.
    I too have served my nation and did so with pride albeit pre-1994, and I also happen to have many non-whites I like to call friends, and they'd be horrified by both views in this blog - the use of the "k" word isn't necessary and my friends totally disagree with the concept of UHURU as defined by the anc and its ilk, so please my fellow white brethren let's indeed keep healthy debate going, but please let's keep race out of this - this is not as simple as white vs black. C'mon guys, there are many of you who remember the camaraderie we had on the border, white, black, coloured, you name it, we were great together, one nation fighting communism!! By going racist on this you could be insulting one of those non-whites you used to fight alongside, maybe even got your back and partied with when times allowed. Koevoet, 32 Battalion and all those other amazing divisions, remember them? Man, we were (are) an amazing force if we stick together, so, when mud-slinging takes place, Boer, Engelsman and Ex-Pats, let's make the common enemy "those who want to preach UHURU, those who talk nationalization, those who leach off the disadvantaged people of this amazing land", and not merely "those blacks".
    Yes, I hope and pray old Oom Siener was right, but remember, he saw in visions and he never said that anyone will end up being subservient to any other grouping. He did "see" that the Boer would lead again yes, but the generation of Boer that will be closer to the calibre of Oom Paul Kruger and General De la Rey (apologies for not mentioning those countless many other great Boer leaders, would take too long, but there were many of them) & President Steyn - Boer leaders with unbiased visions for our great nation.
    The Boers that lead again will be exemplary and our nation will again be a very proud one, one that takes care of ALL it's people, not only a select grouping that Cecil John Rhodes envisaged and one which poor Verwoerd implemented. All South Africans, all ex-Pats and all other African nation people that call this your home, UNITE (Dr Alban sings it beautifully)!!!

  23. And what are you going to do about it, boers? Are you going to allow your own destruction or are you going to do something to preserve the physical existence of those ethnically related to you, your extended family, your kin? Are you going to change your cultural assumptions, your self-destructive neo-morals, your maladaptive behavioural patterns, or are you going to keep touting false and suicidal beatitudes? Are you going to really *prepare* your kin to survival, in "normal" as well as "abnormal" times?

    Ask yourself these questions, or you will suffer the consequences.

    1. I'm the last anonymous commenter and I just wanted to note what is obvious: the prior comment by another anonymous commenter is a heap of egalitarian, universalist, eye-starred, bleeding-heart bullshit.

      Just noting.

  24. One of the biggest worries here should be that the ANC is using the public's taxes to create and fund its own private army.

    How can the Youth League of a political party and its partners, be funded by the tax payer...?

    Surely this alone would need an enquiry?

  25. Someone above refers to Christians acting in the name of God, without realising that God is not Christian, nor hebrew, hindu, muslim or any other religion conceived by man. Religious texts like the Bible are not Gods word, they are regional interpretations of a coveted society and written by no other than man himself. When you act in the name of such a text you're certainly not executing Gods will, only that of those who control your emotions for the achievement of their own agendas via your faith, for example the Americans got away with their own flag mission on 9/11 by brainwashing their Christian majority voters that they had been attacked by terrorists, Muslims.

  26. Another serious question should be hasn't there been any outcry from opposition parties, especially the DA?

    Yet, the DA seems shocked that some white farmers have started training in so-called 'right wing militias'.
    But when you're isolated, a minority and on the receiving end of brutal torture and murder and the ANC is furthermore now training 'rural youths' it no wonder then that white farmers have resorted to such means?

    Such stances by the DA have only backfired on their white electorate. I know of some who have chosen not to vote for them anymore solely because of this incident.

    One has to be realistic, and not just call people a 'right wing group', they have to ask WHY are they resorting to such means...?
    Because if they're getting attacked on their farms, NO-ONE else is going to help them.

    1. You're spot on!!
      Lonmin was a real bad practice run for some of their strategists, however, they honestly believe in the witchcraft, which makes one wonder what the impis were told when they faced Pretorius at Blood River.

  27. Simple, whites must stick together. Don't let there stupidity get to you. They are forgetting with out us whites this country will be know where. Zimbabwe is a perfect example.

  28. What happened to the trainee's?

  29. SA is not a democracy

  30. I will be waiting for them bring it on

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